Gluten Free Power-packed Downright Delicious!
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Gluten Free, Power-Packed English Muffins and Biscuits for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

We know that ordering bread online the first time can seem a little iffy--so we've created an outrageous guarantee!  If you don't like our bread for ANY reason, we will refund the full value of your order immediately.  Even if the problem is the fault of the delivery service.  We are THAT confident that you will enjoy our bread! So go ahead and shop online.  

We have also added a local pick-up option that now saves 20% for those in and around Charlottesville. 

Tasty, effortless and energizing, gluten free MAJOR MUFFINS and BISCUITS promise to upgrade your gluten free lifestyle. Eight protein-packed flavors make breakfast, lunch and dinner more satisfying, nutritious, delicious and diverse. Everyone has a favorite. Try all eight to find yours!


8 packages of Major Muffins

Major Muffins in 8 Delicious Flavors